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Religious education classes for 2019-2020 began on October 1st in

the Religious Education Center. Forty-Eight students are currently

participating in religious education classes. This year our students

are being instructed by these very dedicated teachers: Ms.

Jennifer Arredondo& Ms. Virginia Gutierrez – 1st Grade; Ms.

Carmen Guitard – 2nd Grade; Ms. Connie Klofonda - First Communion

Class; Ms. Kathy Burnett – 4th & 5th Grade; Ms. Helen Sanchez –

Junior High; Ms. Valerie Brown – Pre-Confirmation; and Ms. Carol

Garcia – Confirmation Class. If you need information or need to

leave a message regarding religious Education, please call Alicia

McAninch (Ms. Mac) at 430-5828


Sept. 2020, TBA


Pre-Baptismal Classes

Saturday mornings by appointment. Please call parish office to register.

Upcoming Events

Past Events 2018

Every year for the past 20 years Dave and Vanita Chelgren gather with several people and do the walk up the mountain at Santo Nino Mission, officiating Stations of the Cross.


Open House 2018 - Corporal Works of Mercy

Annual Children's Open House, November 2018

 Edward and Clara Silva

King and Queen of the Fiesta 2018

Our Lady of the Light Fiesta! Sept. 2018

First Annual Fiesta de La Luz 5K Run August 2018

1st Holy Communion - May 2018

Pastor: Rev. Marcel Okonkwo

Deacon: Andy Weiss

We are located at: 4 La Luz Rd, La Luz, New Mexico    Office phone: 575-434-9460

Our mailing address is:   P. O. Box 236, La Luz, New Mexico 88337

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